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CHERA Health Program

We look for effective formation of orphans and other vulnerable children in body, mind, and spirit that prepares them to support their families and contribute to their community.

Reduces unnecessary loss of life
Protects the health of infants and children
Increases the likelihood that children will complete their education
Strengthens the economy of the community
Reduces the numbers of orphans, and attendant risks, including early pregnancy and HIV infection

Supporting Positive Living for People with HIV

KCHEF began a collaboration between The Alumni-Guardian Maize Mill and The Maize Mill, an economic partnership among the Alumni-Guardian Association which seeks to use its profits to cover its entire education costs of primary-age orphans in the community.

Initiated The Safe Motherhood Busongora (SMB) Free Clinics which provide prenatal services to pregnant women living in the hills above Kasese. These women would not have access to these medical services without the program.

Treated patients with various diagnoses, including typhoid fever, AIDS, hypertension in pregnancy, depression and anxiety, hepatitis B, alcohol and drug abuse, cardiac disease, rabies, epilepsy, and snakebites


Covid 19 continues to present challenges as KCHEF seeks to provide medical services to communities that lack access, have compromised immunity and/or affordability challenges. One of our most utilized initiatives is the Safe Motherhood in Busongora (SMB) outreach program that, despite COVID related service suspension for 3 months, has continued to provide long term family planning, antenatal care services, and child immunizations. Support from the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau has enabled us to serve more than 2000 community members infected or affected by HIV/Aids.

With a highly qualified, locally-led medical team, KCHEF attends to up to 2000 patients every month, and treated over 45,000 people since 2012. With a focus on maternal-infant care, the clinic provides skilled assistance during childbirth, including surgical delivery and obstetric emergency care, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), care for newborns (including premature and SGA infants), infant immunization, treatment for malaria, contraception, and HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and treatment, HIV prevention education in the community, and urgent care for all.

KCHEF contains the only operating theatre in the area. KCHEF lab technicians deliver test results unavailable anywhere else in the region. The clinic includes an ultra sound scanner and radiology services. KCHEF is considered a center of excellence, providing the best care available in Kasese and regularly receiving referrals from other health facilities.