About Us

What is our Purpose?

The purpose of Community Health and Education for Rural Africa, Inc. (CHERA) shall be to improve the lives of those in some of Sub-Saharan Africa’s most impoverished communities via improved access to education and health care. Our focus on education and health care arises from the belief that improvements in these areas can bring about exponential and sustainable long term improvements in the well-being of such communities.

What Is Our Mission?

The mission of CHERA is to improve health and access to education in rural Africa through enduring relationships with local leadership.

What Are Our Values?

CHERA values accountability, transparency, and measurable results in our work and that of our partners. We value the mystery of differences, the compassion they engender, and the gift of working alongside people whose life experiences are different from our own. Through this work, our own skills, commitment to service, and faith are strengthened.

What Are Our Goals?

The goals of CHERA are to evaluate our effectiveness by assessing results.

What We Do

Rebuild a community through health and education

In Our Education Programs:

We look for effective formation of orphans and other vulnerable children in body, mind and spirit that prepares them to support their families and contribute to their community.

In Our Health Program, we work toward:
  • Reducing rates of maternal mortality;
  • Reducing incidence of HIV/AIDS;
  • Increasing rates of childhood vaccination; and
  • Reducing rates of childhood malaria.

In our partnerships

We look for effective, independent and vital leaders in the United States and Africa who are:

  • Visionary and practical;
  • Able to create new collaborations;
  • Employ funds in conformance with mutually agreed purposes; and
  • Operate by recognized international standards of professionalism.

CHERA is working with the Kasese Community Health and Education Foundation (KCHEF) to transform healthcare delivery and educational opportunities in the Rwenzori region of Uganda. With local leaders and highly trained staff drawn from the community, the KCHEF medical clinic focuses on obstetric and pediatric medical care, and provides urgent care for all. The education program provides funds so that the region’s most vulnerable children may complete their education and lead their community into the future. With these pillars of stability in place, hope and progress are real and growing in the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.


The members of the CHERA Board of Directors are from across the eastern United States. Members live in Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Louisiana and Mississippi. We are an all-volunteer board committed to the mission of the Community Health and Education for Rural Africa, Inc.


Community Health and Education for Rural Africa, Inc. (CHERA) is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation in the state of New York committed to the principles of accountability, professionalism, honesty, care, respect for every person, trust, non-discrimination, and strategic partnerships.